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World's Dawn is a colorful farming adventure game that is free to download for the PC. Inspired by slow-paced games like those in the Harvest Moon series, World's Dawn allows players to experience life in a sleepy farming village off the beaten path. If Sugar Blossom Village is to ever rediscover the spirited essence it once held, its newest resident must make it so... That's where you come in!

After moving into an old farmhouse, you're free to explore and participate in a number of activities from day to day. These include growing crops, raising livestock, building relationships with townsfolk, fishing in rivers and ponds, shopping, cooking, foraging, trading goods, playing sports, attending markets and festivals, flirting and marrying, and many more. Even after playing through an entire game year (which will offer 30+ hours of content) you'll find there is still plenty to surprise and entertain you in the friendly farming village.

Currently, the complete SPRING and SUMMER seasons are available for download, with autumn and winter under development and planned for release within the next few months. Check out the rest of the site to learn more!

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To offer your feedback or support, the best way to get ahold of the team is through email at info@waywardprophet.com. The project is still in development, so any suggestions are certainly helpful and might very well make it into the final game. Support the game by simply spreading the word and building hype for its eventual release, and make sure to follow updates on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as over at the studio's official website.

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