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About the game . . .

Inspired by slow-paced games like those in the Harvest Moon series, World's Dawn is a colorful life sim set in a sleepy farming village a good way off the beaten path.

After moving into an old farmhouse on the edge of town, players are free to explore and participate in all kinds of activities from day to day. These include growing crops, tending livestock, building friendships with a charming cast of 32 characters, fishing in rivers and ponds, shopping, cooking, mining, foraging, trading goods, playing sports, attending markets and festivals, flirting and marrying... and so much more!

In the press . . .
"The best of Harvest Moon coupled with better writing."
- IndieGames.com
"World's Dawn is an excellent example of its genre, and life/farming simulation fans should find it right up their alley, especially for those looking for memorable character interaction."
- Jay is Games
"The episodic World's Dawn is one you should keep both eyes on if you've ever been swallowed up by Harvest Moon."
- PC Gamer
"With charming graphics and colorful characters, World's Dawn offers a relaxed gaming environment with plenty to do and little urgency."
- Indie Game Magazine
"If you like games that require you to manage a business in a small town, that allow you to play at your own pace, and that provide a fantastic way to spend an hour or so each day, I highly recommend taking a look at World's Dawn, as it delivers the 'farmhouse role-playing game' fantastically."
- Indie Love